Mersana Therapeutics


    We are a clinical stage antibody drug conjugate company that has leveraged twenty years of industry learnings to develop proprietary technologies that enable us to design antibody drug conjugates with improved efficacy, safety and tolerability relative to existing ADC therapies.  Our proprietary technologies combined with our deep understanding of target and patient selection allow us to create precisely targeted therapies with the potential to radically improve patient lives.

    We are assembling an industry-leading pipeline of groundbreaking medicines by leveraging the advantages of our technology.  We are advancing our proprietary pipeline through early clinical development and are leveraging partnerships with leaders in the field to accelerate the development of important medicines created with our platform.  Our lead platform, Dolaflexin, is incorporated into our first two clinical programs.

    We have assembled an experienced management team with a strong commitment to scientific excellence and patient care.  We have cultivated a collaborative workplace and a shared passion to advance therapies that make a significant difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families.

    Focus and Stage