Zylotech founders Abhi Yadav and Iqbal Kaur spent years building analytics software and innovation engines for enterprise brands. During that time, they were struck by how difficult it was for businesses to manage and consume their customer data. Despite heroic efforts to plan data discovery, schemas, build connectors, transform data and do advanced customer analytics, teams were still left without the dynamic customer view, complete set of lenses and continuous intelligence they needed to ensure contextual actions.

    The Zylo team believed there was a better approach. Leveraging the cloud and advanced machine learning, they invented a new way to address customer centricity in action with automation. The solution was to manage and unify customer data – no matter how messy and incomplete, then pair it with advanced customer analytics to produce relevancy-based recommendations that can be activated through any marketing engine. As an MIT spinout project, they developed this into an enterprise scale platform.